How To Remove Front Windshield Wiper Arms

In order to have a vehicle that is legal on the roads of the United States, the vehicle must have windshield wipers. Some vehicles only have one windshield wiper in the middle or one on the driver's side. Most states will allow only one wiper on the driver's side as a minimum. In order to remove front windshield wiper arms, all you will need is:

  • Flat edge screw driver
  • Spray lubricant

To remove a front windshield wiper arm, it can be quite easy.

  1. To remove a windshield wiper arm, look down from the top of the wiper arm. Take note of the flat pin on the bottom of the wiper arm. It is seen on one side of the wiper arm
  2. Since the windshield wiper is one of the most weather-beaten parts of the car, given that its role is removal of rain, it is sometimes helpful to spray some lubricant on the pin of the windshield wiper arm. This assure the ability to slide the pin.
  3. Hold the wiper arm up off the windshield about four to six inches. This will allow for the pin to slide and unlatch the windshield wiper arm. 
  4. To allow the removal of the front windshield wiper arm, using the flat edged screw driver, slide the pin to the other side of the wiper arm. 
  5. Slowly let the arm rest down on the pin. If, when you lower the windshield wiper arm back to the windshield, it returns to the windshield completely, you have not slid the pin enough to remove the front windshield wiper arm. You must slide the pin so that it will catch the windshield wiper arm, not allowing it to return to the windshield.
  6. The wiper arm is ready to be removed. All you must do is grab close to where the wiper arm is on the stud, and pull gently. The arm should remove easily.

Some things to remember: while you remove a front windshield arm, take note of how it is fastened to the vehicle. Some vehicles have a pin to set the position of the arm on the stud. Also take note if one wiper is longer than the other. Usually the driver's side is longer. You do not want to confuse them.

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