How To Remove Glue From Eye Glasses

Need to know how to remove glue from eye glasses? Removing glue from eye glasses is actually something that takes place on a daily basis around the world, and because of that high frequency of occurrences people have come up with inventive ways to remove it without messing up their glasses. Removing glue from eye glasses can be done with only three to four cotton swabs, a bottle of nail polish remover and some dry paper towels to clean up with. The most important component of the nail polish remover is the acetone that is used in it. The acetone will break down the glue and loosen it up an free the glasses from the glue.

To remove glue from eye glasses, you will need:

  • Three to four cotton swabs
  • A bottle of nail polish remover
  • Paper towels
  1. The first way to remove the glue is to try nail polish remover. It's important to soak the cotton swab in nail polish remover.
  2. With that done, rub the swab in a circle over the glue that's on the glasses. Be careful how you rub the cotton swab across the surface of the glasses, as you could possibly scratch or ruin the surface.
  3. Once that is done and your glasses are free of debris, run water and soap over the lenses. This will free them of any residue that might be left from the cleaning.

In case you don't want to try harsh chemicals, then another route to take is you can take a straight edge razor and run it over the glasses to chip the glue off, but if your lenses are not glass then it would be better to stay with the remover. If all else fails, then a trip to your local eye doctor may be in order.

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