How To Remove Golf Club Grips Without Damaging Grip

If you follow the instructions below, you can learn how to remove golf club grips without damaging the grip. While you can find someone to remove your golf club grips for you, doing the job yourself will save you some money and will provide you with a sense of achievement.

To remove golf club grips without damaging them, you will need:

  • A table vise
  • A rubber vise clamp
  • A straight-edge knife
  • Mineral spirits
  • Double sided tape
  • A pressurized grip remover
  • A bucket
  • Tape
  1. To remove the grip from a club without damaging it, place the shaft of the golf club into a rubber vise grip. The vise should be positioned a few inches from the start of the grip.
  2. Pour a small amount of mineral spirits into the pressurized grip remover. Put the top back onto the grip remover and tighten the needle at the top. This will ensure proper flow of the liquid.
  3. Use the needle of the grip remover to pierce the underside of the grip closest to the end of the handle. Once you feel that the needle has hit the metal part of the golf club, stop pushing and wrap a clean towel around the needle. Carefully begin to squeeze the mineral spirits into the needle.
  4. Apply a small amount of pressure with the towel in order to ensure no liquid escapes. Slowly twist the grip until it begins to come loose without being damaged. Repeat the process on different sides of the grip if you are having a hard time removing the grip from the club without causing damage.
  5. Carefully remove the entire grip from the shaft of the golf club and discard. Congratulations, you've just removed the grip from your golf club without damaging it!
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