How To Remove Hair From Fingers And Hands

Since so many guys out there deal with this problem, finding an answer to how to remove hair from fingers and hands is a necessity. Having strong, well worked hands is sexy to any girl, but one thing that always is a turn off is if those hands have a lot of hair covering the top of the hand and fingers. Because the hands can be sensitive, even on guys, finding the right product for your skin can be trial and error in the beginning, but once you find the one that works, the problem of hair is gone forever, well almost.

  1. Wax. The word wax puts fear in all ears because of horror stories that have been passed around about scalding hot wax burning the skin, as well as the unnatural pain that goes with ripping hair out. The only problem is that though some horror stories have been passed around because they were true, if used correctly its a great hair remover. If the heat is the problem, they make natural wax that does not require heating, though the wax that does just needs to be warmed, no boiling required. Like all product, read the insert and follow the direction. Wax is rubbed over the hair, and then a piece of fabric is placed over it, rubbed and pulled in the opposite direction the hair is growing in. The hair is pulled from the root, allowing it to grow back slower and thinner, giving anyone more time in between hair removing.
  2. Delipatory Cream. Delipatory cream is a chemical cream that is used to remove hair from the body. The smell that goes with it may be strong, and hard for anyone to handle so check out the wide range of scents companies have added to their creams. The process of depilatory cream is to dissolve the hair, giving a smooth texture to the skin. The hair is said to take longer to grow back every four to six weeks, so application is only every few months. Some sensitive skin may have problems using the cream, causing a burning or rash so always text and follow the direction.
  3. Razor. The most common form of hair removal is shaving, though the stubble that comes so quickly after shaving is the downfall to using this method on the hand. If shaving daily does not bother you, then this can be the easiest way to remove the hair, but the quick re-growth and texture of the stubble can cause anyone to look to other methods.
  4. Tweezers. A method not many have thought of is using tweezers to pluck the hair out of the skin. It may be a bit painful at first to pluck the hair, but you can ice the area first, or just be quick about it. Much like waxing, it pulls the hair straight at the growth site, causing more time unbeaten plucking giving you more time to enjoy a smooth hand. If there is not that much hair that needs to be removed, this could be a quick and easy solution.

No mater the reason behind wanting to remove the hair from hands and fingers, there are options out there to allow anyone to find the one that best works for them. Always remember to read instructions that come with any product, and follow them carefully, they are there for a reason.

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