How To Remove Hamilton Watch Band Links

Has your watch been fitting loosely on your wrist and you want to know how to remove Hamilton watch band links? The Hamilton Watch Company was founded in Pennsylvania in the 1920s. Hamilton watches are well-known, elegant and stylish watches made to last. The world's first digital watch was made by Hamilton. Removing extra links from watches allows for your watch to fit nicely and comfortably on your wrist without feeling too loose. There are a few simple steps you can follow to remove Hamilton watch band links.

Things you'll need:

  • Hamilton watch
  1. Determine how many links need to be removed. Measure the correct fit of the watch by holding the watch around your wrist. Pinch each link around your wrist to see how much room you need. Depending on how loose you want the watch to fit, determine how many watch band links you need to remove.
  2. Open the watch link you need to remove. You many find a link to fit the exact measurement you want around your wrist, so select the one that is closest to your measurements. You can always reattach or remove watch band links as needed.
  3. Remove the Hamilton watch band links. To undo a link, use the tip of your fingernail and squeeze it inside the clasp to flick it open. You can then remove the link from the watch band. Continue to remove any additional links from the watch band that are not needed. Some links can be a little tight and stiff and may take a little extra pressure to flick open the link, but keep trying because they will come open.
  4. Save the extra links. In the future you many want to add a link or two if you want you want your watch band to fit more loosely around your wrist. Store the extra links in a safe place.
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