How To Remove Heater Core In Ford Escort

Your heater core needs to be replaced and you want to know how to remove a heater core in a Ford Escort. In the winter months not having heat in your car is definitely something that you want to avoid. The entire dashboard must be removed in order to reach the core. Removing the heater core from your Ford Escort can be quite a challenging task and you need to make sure that you are knowledgeable about cars in order to be able to do this successfully.  With some assistance and following these steps you will be able to remove the heater core from your Ford Escort.

To remove the heater cord from your Ford Escort you need:

  • new heater core
  • wrench set
  • screwdriver
  • drain pan or clean container
  1. Disconnect the battery. Lift up the hood of your Ford Escort. Remove the negative cable terminal from the car battery to disconnect it.
  2. Drain the cooling system. Allow the coolant to drain out of the cooling system into a drain pain or clean container. You will be able to reuse it later. Also face the wheels straight ahead so that you can lock the steering column.
  3. Disconnect the heater hoses. Underneath the hood locate the heater core in your Ford Escort and disconnect the heater hoses from the core.
  4. Disassemble the dashboard. Remove the console, the trim panels, all attached bolts, screw and fasteners. Disconnect all electrical wires, heater lines, radio, air bags, defroster tubes, the ash try and center console.
  5. Remove the heater core. Remove all the nuts and bolts on the heater core to open its housing. Carefully pull out the heater dash panel seal and open the heater core cover to remove the heater core in your Ford Escort.
  6. Install the new heater core. Replace the new core in its housing and reassemble it. Reconnect everything to the heater core housing. Reassemble the entire dashboard panel by putting everything back into its place. Replace the coolant and reconnect the battery.
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