How To Remove A Hickey

Cover up those love bites by knowing how to remove a hickey. So you had a lot of fun last night and this morning you discover that you have the evidence of your good time on your neck. Weather you just don’t want a hickey or you have to remove the hickey for work, it’s a fairly simple process. A hickey is nothing more than a bruise. Typically the average hickey can last anywhere from a week to three weeks. So grab your supplies and get ready to remove your unwanted hickey.

Things you will need to remove a hickey:

  • A metal spoon
  • A freezer
  • Base Makeup (Foundation) or Concealer to match your skin tone
  1. Freeze the spoon. Be sure to only use a metal spoon. Place the spoon in the freezer for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. Apply the spoon to the hickey. Rub the spoon in a circular motion over the hickey. Do this for 5 to minutes or until the hickey is gone.
  3. Repeat if needed. If the hickey is still there, repeat the first two steps. Very dark hickeys might need to be treated several times.
  4. Use base makeup or concealer. If after several treatments there is still a visible sign of a hickey, grab your girlfriend’s makeup bag and borrow her base or concealer. Base Makeup can also be purchased at any store that sells makeup. Be sure to use a base that matches your skin tone. Apply as little as possible and be sure to blend it well. Do not apply the base too hard or roughly or you can irritate the area. If the skin becomes red, wait a few minutes and it should lighten up.



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