How To Remove A Honda Civic Tail Light

Learn about how to remove a Honda Civic tail light since driving with a burned out tail light can increase your chances of a motor vehicle accident. Changing your own Civic brake light can save you money by avoiding trips to the Honda dealership. 

To change your Civic tail light, here are the necessary supplies:

  • Replacement Civic tail light bulb (check the Honda Civic manual for the bulb type, or aftermarket equivalent)
  • Screwdrivers
  1. Remove the interior trunk trim. Open your trunk, and look for the trunk trim fasteners. The fasteners can be removed by hand. Use enough force to remove the fastener, but be careful you don’t break the fasteners accidentally. Pull back the fabric just enough, so that you can remove the tail light assembly. Unscrew the assembly from your Honda Civic. 
  2. Replace the burned out tail light bulb. After removing Civic light housing, you can access the tail light bulb. The bulb will sit in a retaining assembly, which is held by the tail light housing. Take out the old light bulb with your hand. Use caution to avoid injuring your hand. When you put the new bulb into the socket, be sure your hands are clean. 
  3. Replace the old tail light housing. Put the cover back onto your Civic. Use the same screws from step 1 to reattach the Honda Civic tail light housing. Before you replace the trunk trim, you may want to test the new bulb, to make sure it works correctly.
  4. Reinstall the Civic trunk liner. The trunk liner will need to be folded back into position behind the tail light assembly. Use the fastener clips from step 1 to reattach the liner to your Civic. 
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