How to Remove Honda Civic Window Glass

Learning how to remove Honda Civic window glass is important to know as Honda Civic's are known for their window problems.  These problems exist whether it is the runner has seized and caused the window to scratch as it is raised and lowered, or it has simply cracked, leaving the only option is to replace it. Having windows which not only work but are also free from scratches and cracks is very important to stay safe and legal when driving your Honda Civic, here is how to replace the window.



  • Safety Gloves
  • Eye-protection
  • Screwdrivers (Phillips and flat head)
  • Socket wrench and socket set, including an extension bar


  1. You must secure the car in Park and/or apply the handbrake to keep the car from moving. It is best to work on flat ground and have an assistant ready when the time comes to removing the glass.
  2. Pull the door-pull out and undo the Phillips-head screw behind it. The surround will now be loose and you can remove it. Remove the arm-rest and electric window control from the lower part by undoing the screws. Once they are removed, you can careful pull the door card off the plastic snap connections. Be careful not to bend or crease the door card.
  3. The waterproof skin can be pulled out of the way until you can see the lower part of the window and the window mechanism. Undo the glass mounting bolts and screws very carefully and slowly. Once they are loose, slide the window to the rear and have an assistant help lift the window out of the runner while you pull the leading edge of the window down to allow it to be fully extracted.
  4. To fit the new window, the reverse sequence of the above is needed. Do not over-tighten the bolts and screws for the window and make sure the water-proof skin is replaced fully.
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