How To Remove Ink Stains From Skin

This article will teach you how to remove ink stains from skin. Removing ink from your skin depends on what kind of ink is on the skin. You'll get a couple of ideas on how to remove ink from skin here.

Try some of these items you might already have on hand:

  • Baby oil
  • Any kind of jam (yes, the kind you put on your sandwich)
  • Baby wipes
  • Tooth paste
  1. Baby oil – You'd think baby oil was just for babies. But it has other uses, including removing ink stains from skin.
  2. Jam – Of all things, grape jam is good for removing ink stains from skin. You put jam on the stain, wipe it and then follow up with a rinse or a wet wash cloth since it will be messy.
  3. Baby wipes have other uses – Rub the ink stain off with a baby wipe.
  4. Toothpaste for stains - Rub toothpaste on the ink stain. Wipe the toothpaste residue off of the skin. That is another way to remove an ink stain from skin.

Everyone's skin shed's a layer every day, regardless of whether or not you are trying to get rid of any kind of stain. Attempting to removing an ink stain with one of the above methods is a life saver. No one really wants to go around with an ink stain on their face, arm, forehead or any other body part. Not when you can usually get rid an ink stain on the skin one way or another using ingredients that are nice to the skin.



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