How To Remove Interior Mirror On Porsche 944

You may need to learn how to remove Interior mirror on Porsche 944. The interior mirror, or rearview mirror that hangs on the front windshield, can be difficult to remove if you do not know how. You can end up damaging the mirror or the mounting bracket if you do not remove it properly. It is actually quite a simple process to remove the rear-view interior mirror from the Porsche 944, if you follow these steps.

To remove the interior mirror on Porsche 944, you will need:

  • Mallet
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Pliers
  1. Place the tip of the Flathead screwdriver against the bottom of the mirror mount on the front windshield. Hold the screwdriver at an angle that is parallel to the front windshield.
  2. Tap the base of the Flathead screwdriver with a rubber mallet. Gently so you do not ruin the mirror mount piece or break the plastic.
  3. Continue tapping the mirror mount until the mirror slides off. Remove the mirror and set it aside.
  4. Remove the metal puck within the mirror back by grasping it with a pair of pliers and pushing it downward out of the base of the mirror mount.
  5. Reinstall the puck into the mirror mount by inserting the metal ring into the base of the rearview mirror. Use the screwdriver and mallet combination to "tap" the puck into place if it is difficult to slide.
  6. Place the mirror above the metal bracket on the windshield. Pull downward until the mirror slides on the bracket and effectively "snaps" into the correct place. Check to make sure you secured the mirror properly by moving it around. It should not shift at any point besides the ball hinge.
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