How To Remove Label From Beer Bottle

The question of how to remove label from beer bottle normally comes up when people find themselves bored in a bar or planning to use the labels for something. The beer bottle labels can be given to friends or used to make many things, such as a wall of memoirs or the covering of a table or bar. Many people like to write the date on a label from a beer bottle and save it to remember a specific time. Removing the label from a beer bottle is actually very simple and easy to do. The process requires no more than a warm hand and a cold beer. 
  1. Get a beer. This works best if the beer is really cold. Not only that, but the taste of beer is actually improved with colder temperatures!
  2. Hold the label. As the beer is sipped or drank, the person who is wishing to remove the label should keep their hand over the label. This helps to hold the condensation so that it is absorbed by the label. The warm hand also helps to loosen the glue holding the label on.
  3. Peel the label. This can be a bit tricky if the one peeling the label isn't careful. If the label has not loosened up enough, it will stick to the bottle and rip. If the label is too wet, it will rip easily. Test the ease of removal by gently peeling up the corner of the label. If resistance is encountered, the label may not be ready to peel off. If this is the case, continue to hold a hand on the label for a few moments, then try again. Otherwise, continue to peel the label until it is removed from the beer bottle entirely.
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