How To Remove Links On A Swiss Army Watch

How do you remove links on a Swiss Army watch? Most bracelets on Swiss Army watches are pinned together, not screwed, so that is the method we will discuss.

Tools needed:

  • Small hammer
  • Pin punches or watch makers pin pushers
  • Bracelet holder

The process to remove links from a Swiss Army watch will go as follows:

  1. Determine how many links to remove. Usually you can eyeball how many links you are going to have to remove before starting. If it is more than one or two you may wish to remove links equally from both sides of the watch case so that the watch will lay on the wrist correctly with the clasp centered under the wrist, or on top if you happen to wear your watch face on the inside of the wrist.
  2. Place watch in bracelet holder. The bracelet should be positioned so that the arrows on the inside of the bracelet face down. The arrows show the direction in which the pins are removed.
  3. Remove the first pin. Select the correct sized pusher or punch, it should be the same size or smaller than the pin, not larger. Tap the pin in the direction of the arrows with the pusher and the small hammer. Take care not to slip and mar the bracelet with either the hammer or punch. Eventually you will be able to simply slip the pin out of the hole with your fingers.
  4. Remove the second pin.  Move to the end of the link or links you wish to remove and tap out the pin on that link. Using the same punch and hammer, remove this pin in the same manner as the first.
  5. Store loose pin. At this point take one of the two pins you removed and slip it into the hole in one of the removed links. This way you will not lose the pin and can replace the link if ever needed.
  6. Rotate bracelet in holder.  Flip the bracelet in the bracelet holder so that now the arrows point upwards. The pins will be replaced against the direction of the arrows.
  7. Connect links on bracelet. Connect the two loose ends of the bracelet by pinning them together. Line up the holes on the links and slip a pin into the holes. Push it down as far as it will go by hand. Use hammer and CAREFULLY tap it back into place. You may need to use a pin pusher to get it down far enough. Take care not to mar the bracelet with the hammer.
  8. Store loose links.  Store the loose links in a jewelry box or somewhere safe. Some day you may gain weight, or wish to sell the watch and those links may come in handy.

Congratulations, you have successfully removed links from your Swiss Army watch. If more are needed you may wish to use the same procedure and remove them from the opposite side of the watch case as you did before.

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