How To Remove Lint From A Pea Coat

Want to learn how to remove lint from a pea coat? Pea coats are long lasting and a perfect outerwear for the winter season. It is a classic style and looks great on everyone. The biggest problem with pea coats is they often attract unnecessary lent which makes it very visible to the eye. To keep your coat free of fuzz, learn different ways how to remove lint from your pea coat.

  1. Use a lint brush. A lint brush removes lint from a pea coat; jut damp the coat with a clean rag, then use the lint brush in a downward direction. Repeat the steps until the coat is lint free then let it dry.
  2. Use a razor. This can be a risk because you can damage the pea coat or cut yourself if used improperly. Carefully take a razor blade and lightly shave the lint off the pea coat. You may need to use a entire pack of blades to get rid of the lint.
  3. Take it to a professional. If you have the money or time, take your pea coat to a dry cleaning service so they can get rid of lint that is on the coat. Most of the time, your coat will come out perfectly as if you purchased it brand new.
  4. Use your dryer. Another quick way to remove lint off a pea coat is purchase Woolite's Dry Cleaner's Secret, you can find it at drugstores, grocery stores, in Home Depot and Menards. Just follow the directions given on the box and place your coat in the machine dryer set on medium. When done, take it out to see a brand new looking pea coat.
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