How To Remove Nokia Battery

If you own a Nokia phone, you should know how to remove a Nokia battery. A vast majority of people who own cell phone are going to need to remove the battery at one time or another. A battery may needed to be removed to insert or remove a SIM card or SD card, or to be replace simply because it wont hold a charge anymore.  It is a very easy process to remove a Nokia battery.

To remove a Nokia Battery you will need the following.

  • Nokia cell phone
  • small flat object (optional)
  1. Turn off the Nokia phone. Press and hold the power button until the Nokia phone completely powers down and shuts off.
  2. Turn the phone over on its back side. To access the Nokia battery you will need to have access the back cover on the back side of the phone.
  3. Remove the back cover. The back cover you will need remove is located on the bottom half of the phone on the back side. With the phone on its back side firmly press your thumbs on the cover and slide it downwards until the cover is completely removed from the phone, exposing the Nokia battery.
  4. Remove the Nokia battery by placing either your fingernail or a small flat object between the top of the battery and the casing. Then, use your fingernail push the battery backwards away from the phone and lift it out of the phone.
  5. To replace the battery take the Nokia battery and push into the battery compartment. Replace the back cover, and power on your Nokia phone.



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