How To Remove Nokia Video Editor

If you are not going to be using the Nokia video editor, then you should learn how to remove Nokia video editor so you can free more space on your phone. You may have downloaded the application and decided it was not right for you. Maybe it came standard on your phone. Perhaps you accidently downloaded the app twice. Whatever your reasons for wanting to delete the video editor from your Nokia phone, you are free to delete it.

In order to remove the Nokia video editor, you will need:

  • Nokia phone
  • Nokia video editor
  • Computer
  1. The Nokia video editor software can be installed on your phone and on your computer. It allows you to edit photos, in addition to videos. Decide where you want to remove the software from.
  2. Remove the Nokia video editor from PC. If you want to remove the software from your computer, you need to power the computer on. Click the start button. Next, go to the control panel. Here you will be able to access programs. Click on "add or remove programs." From here, select the Nokia video editor. Click on the feature and select uninstall. You must confirm that you want to remove it.
  3. Remove Nokia video editor from your phone. To remove the Nokia video editor from your mobile phone, select the menu. All Nokia phones are different. You will need to access the applications through the menu, using the commands your phone requires. Click on the icon for the video editor. You need to select "options." Now you will be able to remove the application. The Nokia phone will make sure you want to remove it. Select "yes." Your Nokia video editor will then be removed.



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