How To Remove Oil Stains From Clothes

So you are kind of a klutz and need to know how to remove oil stains from clothes. No problem! It’s a pretty easy task, and it can save your clothes from permanent oil stains.

To remove oil stains from clothes, you will need:

  • Spray stain remover
  • Laundry detergent
  • Washing machine with “hot water” option
  1. Take the clothes with the oil stains off and spray the stain remover on the oil stains. Rub the stain remover into the oil stains, and let it soak for about 5 minutes.
  2. Turn the water temperature of the washing machine to hot. Hot water will help to remove the oils stains from clothes.
  3. Start the washing machine on the longest cycle available. The longer the washing machine has to agitate your clothes with oil stains, the more likely the oil stains will come out the first time.
  4. Add the detergent to the running water. If you are only washing the item with the oil stains, then you will only need to measure enough detergent for a small load.
  5. Toss your clothing with oil stains into the washing machine. Make yourself a snack and watch television while you are waiting for the cycle to finish.
  6. Take your clothes out and examine them under a bright light to make sure the oils stains are gone. If they are not gone, repeat the above steps. If the oil stains are gone, proceed to the next step.
  7. Throw your clothes in the dryer or hang to dry. If you have a clothesline, hanging your clothes outside on a nice day saves energy and gives your clothes a clean outdoor smell.
  8. Put your clean clothes away. Now that you have removed the oil stains from your clothes, put them away in their proper place so you can find them.


Do a spot test with the stain remover on the inside of your clothing to make sure it will not create more damage.


Do not put your clothes in the dryer if the oil stains are not removed. The heat will set the stain in your clothes and you will not be able to remove it.

Never use gasoline or other flammable substances to try to remove your oil stains. They can start a fire when put in the dryer.

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