How To Remove The Old Wax From Your Surfboard

Wondering how to remove the old wax from your surfboard? Imagine this… summer is in full swing, the beaches are full of beautiful babes in bikinis, and the surf is just right.  But you dig your old board out from your closet, only to discover that you left last years surf wax on it, now it looks like hell. The solution is rather simple, and goes as follows:

  1. If you have sunlight on your side, leave the surfboard out in the sun to allow the wax to melt a bit. This will just make things easier on  you for when you go to remove the wax.
  2. While your surfboard is out in the sun, go to a local surf shop and purchase a wax comb.
  3. Once you have your wax comb, and the wax on your surfboard seems slightly melted, you can begin to scrape the wax off of the board.
  4. You may be there for awhile scraping off layers of wax. It all depends on how large of a build up there in on the board.
  5. Once you have a fair amount of the wax removed, you will notice that there is still a bit of wax coating the surfboard. You can remove the excess wax using a clean dry rag. A bit of effort and elbow grease on your side will be needed.
  6. Buff out any leftover wax, and discolorations using your dry rag.
  7. That is really all there is to it.  Well except for the cliche, re-wax your board, and get it ready for surfing.
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