How to Remove Outdoor Basketball Court

Learning how to remove an outdoor basketball court is necessary when the court cracks, lifts or ended its usefulness. Outdoor basketball courts, installed in backyards across the country, always seem like a good idea when in the planning stages and when brand new, but after years of use become an eyesore. Backyard basketball courts, generally constructed from poured concrete, are a big project to remove.


  1. Remove basketball nets from the tops of the poles. Basketball nets are generally bolted on to poles. If rusted in place, leave them and cut them down.
  2. Use a reciprocating saw to cut the basketball net poles into short sections and discard. Cut the poles down to flush with the basketball court.
  3. Use a jackhammer to break up the concrete or asphalt basketball court into smaller, more manageable pieces. Rent a jackhammer at a tool supply rental agency, home improvement stores or hardware stores.
  4. Rent a large roll off dumpster unless an available concrete or asphalt dump is located nearby. Consider renting the dumpster in order to save time and wear and tear on vehicles.
  5. Portion the basketball court off into smaller sections. Jackhammer approximately 3' x 3' sections.
  6. Continue to work in smaller areas breaking up the concrete basketball court, removing the pieces and discarding them in the roll off dumpster.
  7. Backfill the area with the former basketball court with clean fill dirt or top soil.

Removing an outdoor basketball court takes time, patience and usually a helper or two. This is definitely a project for a more experienced do it yourself type homeowner and should not be attempted by those afraid of handling power equipment. Use safety precautions such as eye protection, work boots, dust mask and ear plugs.

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