How To Remove Paint From Car

You can learn how to remove paint from a car if you've had a bad paint job and your car is looking unattractive. Even If you applied some touch up paint and it looks uneven or paint accidentally got on the wrong area of your car, you can remove paint from your car to help solve this problem. In order to get the desired finish again of your car, you must first remove the old paint from the car. No matter the reason for removing paint from your car, this article will help give you some options on how to remove your car paint.

To remove paint from a car you need:

  • soapy water
  • clean rag
  • painter thinner
  • rubbing compound
  • buffer
  • sand paper (500-2000 grit)
  • power sanding equipment
  1. Remove car paint using soapy water. Use soapy water to get rid of spray paint on your car. Get a bucket full of lukewarm soapy water, and make sure to use either mild detergent or car wash shampoo. Next, take clean rag, dip it into the soapy water and thoroughly scrub over the paint. This method works best to remove spray paint that is not completely dry. The sooner you can do this, the better your chances of getting good results.  
  2. Remove car paint using paint thinner. Enamel paint can easily be removed with this method. Some options for paint thinners to help to remove paint from a car are turpentine, gasoline, kerosene, or nail polish remover. First wet a washcloth with one of these paint thinners and then rub lightly over the paint you wish to remove with the cloth. As you wipe the paint with the cloth the paint color should transfer to the cloth; just keep rubbing to remove the paint.
  3. Remove car paint using a rubbing compound. Acrylic or lacquer car paint works best using this method. Go to an auto store to purchase the best quality car rubbing compound and a buffer that is not over 3000 rpm. If the buffer is over this it could cause the paint to burn and leave marks on your car. First, apply the rubbing compound to the car paint that you want to remove and then use the buffer. This is also good for removing paint scratches from a car.
  4. Remove car paint with sand paper or by power sanding. If you decide to use sand paper by hand start off using 800 grit sandpaper and sand continuously for a few minutes over the paint you want to remove. Take a couple of upgrades of sandpaper between 1000 and 2000 grit, and continue sanding to strip of the next layers of paint. This will usually scrape of the paint color on your car. You can also sue a wet sandpaper to help this technique to be effective. Use power sanding equipment to remove the majority off old paint on larger areas of paint on your car.
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