How To Remove Paint Off Of A Rubber Gym Floor

There are home remedies that you can try to safely learn how to remove paint off a rubber gym floor. Painting can be fun, but many times paint accidentally gets onto the wrong areas, such as the floor, and must be cleaned. Be sure that you test a small portion of the area first before applying chemicals.

To remove paint, you will need:

  • paint remover
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Soft cloth
  • brake cleaner
  1. Purchase paint remover. Most hardware stores sell paint remover that you can use to remove paint off a rubber gym floor. This method is safe and will not harm the floor. Spray a small amount of this product onto the paint that is to be removed. Rub lightly in slow circular motion. Be careful that you don’t rub too hard because this product can not only remove paint off the rubber gym floor but it can remove color or damage the surface. Once the paint has been removed from the rubber floor, use a wet cloth to wipe away any access chemical.
  2. Use soap and water. If the paint is water-based, you may use a water and soap solution to remove paint from the rubber floor. Mix a small amount of warm water and soap. Use a soft cloth to gently remove the paint off of the rubber floor. Avoid using a rough towel so that you don’t damage the floor. Continue rubbing until the paint is totally removed from the floor.
  3. Use brake cleaner. Brake cleaner can be used to remove paint from a rubber gym floor. Wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands because brake cleaner can irritate your skin. Spray a small amount of the cleaner on the rubber floor. Wait a few minutes and gently rub the area using a soft towel. Be that you don’t let the cleaner set more than 30 to 60 seconds or it can fade the coloring of the floor. After you remove paint from the rubber floor, dispose of the towels.
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