How To Remove Panasonic Phono Turntable Belts

Your belt on your turntable has become worn and you need to know how to remove Panasonic Phono turntable belts. Although turntables are extremely old, some people still own and use them today. Some of the best selling albums were released on records for turntables. Maintenance is very important to turntables to keep them in good working conditions, so they can continue to function properly. When your Panasonic Phono turntables belt wears, it can affect the sound quality and performance of your turntables. Turntable belts are easy to remove and can be done in only a few minuets.

To remove Panasonic Phono turntable belts you need:

  • Panasonic Phone turntable
  • sharp object
  1. Unplug it from the electrical socket. To prevent any damage or shock, make sure that the Panasonic Phono turntable is unplugged from the wall.
  2. Remove the plastic cover. Lift up the clear plastic cover over the turntable. If it is locked or fastened in place, unlock or unfasten it accordingly based upon the model of your turntable.
  3. Remove the platter. Simply, lift up the platter carefully off of the spindle to remove it. Be careful not to turn or angle the platter. Keep the platter in an upward position to avoid any damage to the spindle. Set the platter down in a safe place.
  4. Locate the turntable belt. The Panasonic Phono turntable belt is a black rubber loop. The belt can be found right underneath the spindle, and connected to the motor drive, usually on the left side on the turntable.
  5. Remove the old turntable belt. Carefully pull the turntable belt up to slip it off from the motor drive, Lift it up to remove it from the record spindle.



















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