How To Remove Porsche 914 Gas Tank

Wondering how to remove Porsche 914 gas tank? Abrasion, age and rust may be the culprit if your 914's gas tank is leaking. Note: slight variations may exist due to your Porsche's year and model.

You will need the following:

  • wrenches – open ended and adjustable
  • screw driver
  • sealer
  • cleaner
  • fuel lines
  • water
  • tape
  • pressure washer (if available)
  • fuel filter (optional)
  • Isoprophyl alcohol


  1. Ventilation. Work outside or in a well ventilated area on a warm day (60 degrees or higher). Caution: Gas fumes are explosive and highly flammable.
  2. Use as much gas as possible before beginning. Drive around or run the engine to use as much gas as you can before beginning to remove the tank. The lower the amount of gas left in the Porsche 914 gas tank, the lighter the tank will be to remove.
  3. Disconnect/remove. Disconnect vapor lines that run from the expansion chamber. To remove the expansion chamber, loosen the bolts on and surrounding the expansion chamber.
  4. Prepare to remove the Porsche 914 gas tank. To do this unplug the connector. Use your screw driver to remove the screw holding the tank and retaining strap together. Spread the straps. Remove the tank.
  5. Remove the Porsche 914 gas tank. This is done by lifting enough to remove the rubber blocks. Next, lift passenger side of the gas tank. Cut the fuel lines. Remove the fuel level sender, two metal lines (bottom of gas tank) and the screen.
  6. Clean the tank. Flush the tank using a pressure washer or water to remove all debris. Tape bottom openings. Add cleaner. Tape top openings. Allow the cleaner to work for one to four days as needed. Repeat this process if needed.
  7. Rinse. Remove the cleaner then rinse the tank out thoroughly with water. Fill the tank with the Isoprophyl alcohol, drain. Follow instructions on package.
  8. Place the Porsche 914 gas tank back in the vehicle. Connect the new lines centering the tank. Reconnect the fluid sender. Screw on the expansion chamber. Reconnect the vapor lines.
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