How To Remove Profile From Nokia Phone

Need to know how to remove a profile from a Nokia phone? Having the same profile on your Nokia phone for a while could get old. It would not be a good thing if you have to keep the same profile forever on your Nokia phone. Remove your unwanted profile from your phone by following these easy steps.

  1. Record any information you feel is valuable to you. Recording some information, such as phone numbers, is important when trying to remove a profile from your Nokia phone. Removing a profile will require a reset. So, get a pen and a pad or device to record all important data. Please note that you could forward photos and texts to an email or another phone for preservation.
  2. Navigate to your Nokia's home screen. You need to abort all of your actions before removing the profile from your Nokia. No matter what application you may be on in your phone, you may return to the home screen by tapping the "End" key either once or twice. Do not longpress the "End" key or the phone may power off in some phones.
  3. Enter the reset code. You need to enter a reset code: *#7370#. This code will reset all data on the Nokia phone, including the profile you would like to be removed. Even though the Nokia phone may return to default settings, you will be protected from important data loss due to step one. Once this step is completed, all profiles should be removed from the phone. Your Nokia phone will be back to its default settings.



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