How To Remove Pubic Hair

Knowing how to remove pubic hair can be tricky at times. You may have a special event coming up and don't want your image to be bogged down by unsightly hair or you just plain don't like it. Here are some great ways to have that pubic hair removed.

Things you'll need:

  • Razor and shaving cream
  • Hair removal creams
  • Access to local salon
  1. Shave it off. Using a razor is as easy pie. Most people are already familiar with razor shaving, so its easy to adapt to. Also, most people already have the tools needed for this method of removing pubic hair. Simply start a shower and apply shaving cream to your pubic region. Start shaving in the areas you want the hair to be removed. Make sure to rinse off the razor blade in-between strokes in order to provide optimal shaving throughout.
  2. Hair remover creams. Hair remover creams dissolve the hair so you can just wipe it off. The trick is, make sure the hair remover cream is strictly for pubic hair. The skin in the pubic region is very sensitive and can react differently to creams than other areas of the body. Test the hair remover cream on the inside of your elbow first. If nothing happens every two days, continue with the process. Take the cream and apply it evenly to the area where you want the pubic hair removed. Depending on the cream, the time it takes to dissolve the hair varies. Then, you'll wipe the cream off with a towel or rag. If its to your liking, then rinse with warm water and be sure to clean the area off well.
  3. Waxing your pubic hair. It's the next best thing next to permanent pubic hair removal. You get a smoother and longer lasting result. However, it is pretty painful and if not done properly, things can go horribly wrong. Usually its recommended to have your pubic hair grown out fully. You can choose to either go to a salon and have your waxing done (highly recommended) or you can do it yourself in the privacy of your own home; just remember to be cautious and follow instructions tediously.
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