How To Remove Rear Wheel On A Harley Motorcycle

You need a replacement rear wheel on your Harley and want to know how to remove a rear wheel on a Harley Motorcycle. Being able to remove a motorcycle wheel yourself can save you lots of money, time and hassle. Removing a motorcycle wheel does not take a lot of time and can be done easily. There are a few tools that you need to do this correctly. Following a few simple steps can get you ready to replace a Harley motorcycle wheel in no time.

To remove a rear wheel on a Harley motorcycle you need:

  • socket and ratchet set
  • wrench set
  • torque wrench
  • rear stand
  • rubber mallet
  1. Jack up your motorcycle. Place your motorcycle onto a rear stand to get the rear end of the bike off of the ground.
  2. Remove the bolts. Remove all of the bolts and nuts that hold the rear wheel on your Harley motorcycle into place. Remove any additional parts that might be in the way of removing the rear wheel. Put the bolts in a safe place to keep for replacing them later.
  3. Remove the rear axle. Remove any axle bolts with a socket or ratchet. If you need help breaking the axle free, lightly tap the rear axle with a rubber mallet to help remove it from your Harley motorcycle.  
  4. Remove the wheel. Make sure to remove any drive chain or belt that is attached to the rear wheel of your Harley motorcycle. Gently pull the wheel away to release it from the rear brake caliper. The rear wheel of your motorcycle has now been removed.



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