How To Remove A Rolex Watch Link

Your fancy watch is fitting to loose on your wrist and you need to know how to remove a Rolex watch link. Although they are expensive and need to be well maintained, you do not have to go to the jeweler every time that you need an adjustment. With extra care, a little patience, and steady hands, it is possible for you to remove a Rolex watch link yourself.

To remove a Rolex watch link you will need:

  • Rolex watch
  • Jeweler's screwdriver kit
  1. Determine how many links to remove. Hold the watch around your wrist. Depending upon how loose the watch fits, determine how many Rolex watch links need to be removed.
  2. Locate the holes and the pins in the Rolex watch links. Look for the tiny holes in the links near the watch clasp. The holes can be found on the edges of the links. Locate the pins that hold the watch links together in these tiny holes. You will be using a screwdriver to unscrew these pins from inside the links.
  3. Remove the pins. Using a small screwdriver, carefully place your screwdriver in the holes to get to the pins. Unscrew the pins from the Rolex watch links until they become detached from inside the links
  4. Remove the Rolex watch links all the way out from the from the bracelet until your links are completely detached from the watch.
  5. Put the remaining the watch links back together carefully.  To secure the bracelet, make sure that the pins are aligned properly and screw them back into the link holes. You can now enjoy your comfortably fitting watch.
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