How To Remove Root Balls From Fallen Trees

Wondering how to remove root balls from fallen trees? If you have a fallen tree in your yard, you need to take certain steps to remove the tree, the stump and the roots. This can be a daunting task if you aren’t mechanically inclined, but it is possible to remove the tree and root balls by following these steps.

In order to remove root balls from fallen trees, you will need:

  • Protective eyewear (such as goggles)
  • Sturdy gloves
  • Proper footwear (such as work boots)
  • Tools
  1. You will need the right tools. A tree stump and root grinder, pressure washer and chainsaw are necessary. They can be rented through a commercial equipment rental service. If you are uncertain about using these tools, contact a professional tree care company for an estimate on removal.
  2. Once you have the tools, cut the tree into manageable pieces until you reach the stump. You will need to remove the surrounding dirt or clay from around the stump in order to get to the roots. Use the pressure washer to loosen the dirt, exposing the root ball. Gradually shovel deeper around the stump and pressure wash as you go to reach the base of the root system.
  3. Carefully cut the roots into manageable pieces with the chain saw until you are finished and the tree is completely removed. Heap dirt into the open space left from removal and consider planting bulbs in the loose soil. Plant bulbs deep within the soil and you will have a pretty flower garden where your tree once stood!
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