How To Remove Rust From Motorcycle Exhaust

You want to know how to remove rust from your Motorcycle exhaust? You allowed your motorcycle to get a rusty exhaust. You should have taken care of it, but you were too busy. The rust formed on your motorcycle exhaust and now you want to know how to get it off. It is time for you to get rid of the rust. It is time for you to take better care of your motorcycle.

Things You Will Need:

  • Two liter bottle of coca cola
  • Shop rags
  • WD40
  • DuPont Quick-Prep
  • Bucket
  • Aluminum foil
  1. Strangely enough, Coca Cola will remove rust from your motorcycle exhaust. Coca Cola has phosphoric acid in it and phosphoric acid will eat rust. The phosphoric acid will not hurt your motorcycle exhaust. You can use this same trick to remove battery acid from your car battery.
  2. Go to the auto parts store and buy DuPont Quick-prep. DuPont Quick-Prep is a product that will remove small amounts of leftover rust and leave a protective coating on your motorcycle’s exhaust. Make sure you pick up a can of WD40 and some shop rags. If you cannot find the DuPont Quick-Prep at an automobile, you can find it at a Sherwin Williams paint store.
  3. Take your two liter of Coca Cola and open it up. Pour the Coca Cola in a bucket. Take aluminum foil and roll it up in a ball. Dip the aluminum foil in the bucket and rub it on the rust. Keep rubbing until the Coca Cola removes the rust from your motorcycle exhaust. Wipe the motorcycle exhaust with dry shop rags.
  4. Take the DuPont Quick-Prep and wipe it on the motorcycle exhaust with a clean dry rag. The DuPont Quick-Prep will remove leftover rust and will leave a protective coating on the motorcycle exhaust. Wipe your motorcycle exhaust dry with a dry shop cloth.
  5. Take WD40 and spray it on the motorcycle exhaust. The WD40 will give your motorcycle exhaust extra protection against rust. You can spray WD40 on the exhaust periodically to prevent rust.


  • Use Coca Cola as a safe and cheap way to remove rust.
  • Use WD40 to prevent rust on your motorcycle.
  • Take good care of your motorcycle.
  • Since the rust is gone, show your bike off.
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