How To Remove Sap From Car Paint

Are you wondering how to remove sap from car paint? Sap should be removed from a car as soon as possible. Hardened tree sap can change the color of your paint, let alone be tricky to get off of your vehicle. As with any product, please try any of these methods in a discreet area to make sure there will be no damage to the paint and/or finish.

Alcohol based products to remove sap from car paint:

  1. Rubbing alcohol without acetone. Use rubbing alcohol on a soft rag. This may also remove wax so your car will need to be rewaxed as soon as possible.
  2. Sanitizing hand towel. The towel contains a smaller amount of alcohol than straight rubbing alcohol plus aole and vitamins.
  3. Hand sanitizer. Rub hand sanitizer on the sap with a soft cloth. The hand sanitizer contains a smaller amount of alcohol than straight rubbing alcohol and many people are swearing by this method.

Kitchen items to remove sap from car paint:

  1. Lemon extract. Use lemon extract directly on the sap. Wipe with a warm wet rag.
  2. Baking Soda. Put warm water in a bucket with a rag. Make a baking soda paste with water. Use a bit of the baking soda paste on the warm rag to remove sap.
  3. Hot water. Boil water to remove sap from car paint. Dump hot water directly on the tree sap.

Miscellaneous products to remove sap from car paint:

  1. Farbic softener sheet. Wet the fabric softener sheet to remove sap. No damage will be done to your car using this method.
  2. Off. This insect repellent will remove sap from car paint without ruining wax or paint.
  3. Lestoil. Use cut with a bit of water on a rag. Rinse with warm water.
  4. Auto Clay Bar. Follow the instructions on the package.



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