How To Remove A Scab From Skin

It's itchy and you need to learn about how to remove a scab from skin. Scabs are our bodies' way of covering an open wound. The wound bleeds, the blood dries, and a scab is formed. It's best to let scabs dry and the skin underneath to heal but sometimes it's necessary to remove a scab from skin to relieve itching. Caution should be taken though to not tear the surrounding skin or to rip the scab causing pain to the area.

To remove a scab from skin, you will need:

  • Washcloth wet with warm water
  • Tweezers
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Lotion
  • Bandage
  1. Refrain from removing a scab that isn't ready or been prepared. If possible, put a bandage over the scab to cover it. This will help you refrain from removing the scab. Scabs are meant to protect the wound so if you can, leave it alone and do not remove the scab until it is ready to be removed.
  2. Get a washcloth wet. If the scab is very itchy and you must remove the scab, use warm water and wet a washcloth thoroughly. Squeeze most of the water from the washcloth.
  3. Place the washcloth on the scab. Let the washcloth rest on the scab for a few minutes. Press on the washcloth gently so it touches the edges of the scab you want to remove. This will soften the scab and the surrounding skin to help the scab come off easier and with less trauma. Lift the washcloth and set it aside.
  4. Use the tweezers to remove a scab. Use the tweezers to gently lift the edge of the scab. Work around the scab gently lifting another portion of the edge of the scab. Lift the scab off and discard it.
  5. Clean the wound. The wound may begin to bleed again. Gently pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide on the wound and pat it dry with a clean tissue or cloth.
  6. Apply lotion. While the wound is open, apply lotion to the skin around the wound to keep it soft.
  7. Cover the wound. After you remove a scab, cover the wound with a bandage to protect it from dirt.
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