How To Remove Scratches From A CD

Did you ever think that knowing how to remove scratches from a DVD could help you get lucky?

Probably not, but guess again boys! Picture for a moment this scenario; You have finally gotten that ever so elusive love interest to come over to your place for a movie date. It's already your fourth or fifth date and you've set the mood just right because you just know you're gonna score. Dim lights…check! Sexy finger foods…check! Expensive bottle of wine…check! And now you've suffered through nearly ninety minutes of her favorite panty dropping chick flick knowing that it's climatic ending will surely lead to a climactic ending of your own when POW! The DVD starts skipping!

Don't fret! These tips will have you back cuddling on the couch in minutes.

  1. Furniture Polish Method – One easy way to remove scratches from a DVD is buy smearing furniture polish into the scratch and wiping gently with a soft cloth or cotton ball. Wipe from the center out making sure to get all of the residue off of the surface and edges. Find an interesting way to keep her occupied while you let it dry for a few minutes.
  2. Toothpaste Method –  “Oh my God, I’m out of furniture polish! Have I ever had furniture polish?” This is what we have anticipated some of you to say, but since we are experts, there’s always a plan B! You can still remove scratches from a DVD on the spot with toothpaste! And we know you have toothpaste or you probably wouldn’t have a date. Follow the same procedure as described with furniture polish, but with toothpaste instead, and there’s your chance to freshen up.
  3. Shaving Cream Method – You could also remove scratches from a DVD following the same steps with shaving cream. That works too. Who cares which you use! Just make sure that you know how to remove scratches from a DVD because No happy ending for her, could mean no happy ending for you!
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