How To Remove Scratches From Eyeglasses

It's upsetting when a scratch appears on your eyeglasses, luckily you can learn how to remove scratches from eyeglasses. Scratches can be removed from eyeglasses in a variety of ways, instead of paying for new glasses. Many people have had success with common household items to remove scratches from eyeglasses.

 To remove scratches from eyeglasses you will need:

  • Toothpaste

  •  A soft scratch proof cloth

  •  Eyeglass cleaner
  1. Clean the lens very well with some eyeglass cleaner. Make sure that you wipe all of the cleaner off of the lens. Also make sure the glass is dry before you put the toothpaste on it.
  2. Dab a small amount of the toothpaste onto the cloth. Start to rub the toothpaste onto the scratch in little circles. Rub for about ten seconds, and then wipe the toothpaste off. Make sure to not rub too hard, or else you will end up adding more scratches, than removing them. Remember, whitening toothpaste can actually hurt and scratch the surface of the lens. Be sure to use only regular toothpaste. Always remember, you cannot perform these steps if there is an anti-scratch coating on the lens.
  3. Remove all of the toothpaste with some clean water and a clean cloth. The scratch may still be there when you are done. If this is the case, repeat step two and three until the scratch disappears. This should do the trick to remove scratches from eyeglasses.

There are many additional ways to remove scratches from eyeglasses other than toothpaste. But, it's recommended that you be wary about using other methods, particularly the use of car wax products. If this doesn't work, you may want to see a professional optician


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