How To Remove Scratches On A Game

Replacing scratched video games can be very expensive, which is why everyone should learn how to remove scratches on a game.  That's right, those scratches can be easily repaired, and it's a process you can do yourself using a material you already have at home.  Toothpaste.  Yes, toothpaste!  In this article, you will learn how to remove scratches on a game using toothpaste.  It's easy!

To learn how to remove scratches on a game, you'll need the following materials:

  •  Toothpaste 
  •  Cotton ball
  •  Soft cloth

To be clear, you do not want to use gel toothpaste or toothpaste infused with mouthwash.  To remove scratches on a game with toothpaste, you will want to use good-old fashioned paste toothpaste

To learn how to remove scratches on a game with toothpaste, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Apply toothpaste.  Apply a small drop of toothpaste onto a cotton ball and begin rubbing on the game.  Apply the toothpaste liberally, using a tight circular motion. 
  2. Let toothpaste set.  Let the toothpaste set for 2 – 3 minutes.  At this point the toothpaste is working it's way into the little grooves and lines inside the scratch.  The toothpaste will help to fill these spaces and make your game play like new again.
  3. Buff the game.  The final step in learning how to remove scratches on a game is to buff the game.  Using a clean soft cloth, begin the buffing process.  Rub the entire surface very well.  If the cloth becomes wet from the toothpaste, flip it over so a new, dry area is being used.  Buff the game until you no longer see any toothpaste and the game sparkles.
  4. Test the game.  Insert the game into your console and see if it is working.  If not, repeat the process once more.  However, chances are your game will begin working right away.

After following these directions, you should have a game that works like new.  Once you have learned how to remove scratches on a game, you can follow this same advice to remove scratches on a CDs and DVDs. 

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