How To Remove Scratches On iPod Touch Screen

Learning how to remove scratches on iPod Touch screen involves only a few commercial products. Scratches on the iPod Touch screen requires products designed to handle such surfaces, which may incur further scratches if you are not careful. Take the following considerations into account to remove scratches on an iPod Touch screen.

  1. Try the AstroAge's AstroShine Clean Kit. This kit contains a number of solutions for light to heavy scratch removers, including one to help finish the product.  The strongest scratch remover works well to remove quite abrasive scratches, though these can be removed with the normal scratch remover included, which should remove most of the "normal" scratches. The other product helps finish the screen by removing oil and dirt. This product is a good choice, especially for tough scratches.
  2. Applesauce Polish Plastic Surgery Kit is worth a try. This kit includes three solutions to help remove scratches on the iPod Touch screen. This product is more useful than the previous kit in that it also works for the chrome back of the device, although that is not our focus. Moving on, the kit is also quite effective in removing scratches. The heavier scratch removal solution can require up to 12 applications, as noted in the kit, yet it is quite effective at removing tough scratches.
  3. Try other kits and solutions for your iPod Touch screen. Other kits may be useful that you may want to try on your iPod Touch screen. For instance, there is an Ice Creme scratch remover sold by RadTech that you may find useful. Other products can go a long way to get rid of scratches on your iPod Touch screen.
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