How To Remove Scratches From Ipod

Need to know how to remove scratches from iPod? You’ll probably never learn how to removes scratches from an iPod from Apple themselves, but we have you covered. It’s okay if you accidentally dropped your iPod in the middle of a drunken escapade. Learn how to remove scratches from an iPod so that it can get that “brand new” sheen about it again.

To remove scratches from an iPod, you will need:

  • Eye glasses cleaner
  • Rubbing compound for cars
  • All purpose cleaner
  • Cell phone scratch repair kit
  • Paint
  1. The first step to remove scratches from an iPod is to try using a little bit of eye glasses cleaner for the glass. Face it; scratches on the glass of the iPod are the worst to look at because they are right on the screen. If you’ve got one too many of them crowding your screen, you can use eye glasses cleaner to clean it up a bit. Simply dab a little bit of the cleaner onto a soft cloth and work it onto the glass gently. This should help to clean up most of those scratches on your iPod’s screen.

  2. After you’ve used the eye glasses cleaner, use a little bit of a rubbing compound to go back over your work. Rubbing compound is typically designed for use with cars’ surfaces to restore their shiny looks, but you can also use it on your iPod if you’re careful.

  3. If you’ve managed to scratch the other parts of the phone up, use all purpose cleaner or a cell phone scratch repair kit for those. All purpose cleaner can work hard to minimize the appearance of your scratches, and if you find that it doesn’t help much, it may be helpful to turn to a cell phone scratch repair kit. The quality kits that work can be a little pricey, but they are perfect for removing those hulking scratches on iPods that just won’t go away.

  4. The last step is probably the most difficult, but it can really turn your iPod into a new product if used carefully. Use a bit of paint that is extremely similar to your iPod’s color to fill in the thin lines of the scratches. A steady hand and patience is required for this, so if you aren’t confident about this, it’s not recommended to try it.

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