How To Remove Scratches From Ski Goggles

Want to learn how to remove scratches from ski goggles?  It's all right to use scratched ski goggles as long as they don't interfere with your visions.  For example, if the scratch is above or below your field of vision or minor enough not to impair your visual ability while skiing.  However, if you are dead set on trying to figure out how to remove scratches from ski goggles, try the methods below.

To remove scratches from ski goggles, you will need:

  • stick lip balm
  • a cloth
  1. Cover the scratched area of your goggles with stick lip balm and then wipe most of it off.  This is an attempt to fill in the scratch or scratches with the stick lip balm, which may make them better. 
  2. Remember that ski goggles have iridium coating, so using any major chemical treatment or scratch remover to try to remove scratches will not work and would likely ruin the iridium coating on the goggles. 
  3. Your best option to remove scratches from ski goggles is to purchase replacement lenses for your ski goggles.  They are sold online, and you can find replacement lenses for virtually any brand of ski goggles.  This will allow you to replace the ski goggle lenses without purchasing entirely new ski goggles.  This is really the ultimate solution as you will have scratch-free lenses for your goggles.  They will be better in terms of your safety while skiing, as you will see better with new, unscratched lenses.  Likewise, they will look much better, assuming you don't want to wear scratched ski goggles.
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