How To Remove The Screen Of A Blackberry Curve

Need to know how to remove the screen of a BlackBerry Curve? Sometimes we have to remove the screens from our phones for one reason or another, but it gets to be a stumper when we do not know how to remove them properly. Sometimes we wonder if it is even possible to remove the screens all by ourselves. Fortunately, there is a safe and effective way to remove your BlackBerry Curve screen.

To remove the screen from a BlackBerry Curve, you will need:

  • Your BlackBerry Curve
  • A small, thin plastic prying tool
  1. Take the base clips off. The base clips are located all around the phone. The best place to start is at the bottom of the phone where the phone's logo is located. Work your way around the whole phone with the prying tool to release clips. This method will help you to release the face plate of your BlackBerry Curve. Be gentle.
  2. Take the BlackBerry Curve's faceplate off. Once all of the clips are free, remove the faceplate from the phone. It should come off easily with no resistance. If there is trouble removing the faceplate, then you may have not removed all of the clips. Do not jerk the faceplate off or it could damage your BlackBerry.
  3. Turn the faceplate over backwards. Once the faceplate is off, flip it over. Flipping it over is important when you remove the screen from your BlackBerry Curve. It will make your job easier and prevent damage.
  4. Start removing the clippings from the screen holder. The screen is held in place by four metal clippings. Do not try to release them by using your hand, but use the prying tool once again. Be sure to be gentle as well.
  5. Remove the screen by lifting it out of place. The screen should be easily removed from the BlackBerry Curve. Grip the two horizontal edges with your hand and remove it. Be steady and gentle.
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