How To Remove Scrotum Hair

Need to know how to remove scrotum hair? There are several ways to removing your scrotum hair, but shaving is probably the best.  Tweezing or plucking it would be painful and inefficient, while a depilatory cream could cause a chemical burn or rash on the delicate tissue of the scrotum.  As for waxing it… Well, we all know how that could turn out, so here are steps to show you how to remove scrotum hair.

To remove scrotum hair, you will need:

  • warm water
  • razor
  • shaving cream
  • moisturizer
  • dusting powder
  1. Take a shower as normal. This is so that scrotum hair becomes soft in the warm water and therefore is easier to shave and remove your scrotum hair.  Allow yourself to shower for at least 10 minutes. If you do not feel that your scrotum hair softens during the shape, soak in a bath for 10 minutes.
  2. Lather. Squirt agolf-ball size dollop of shaving cream in your hand. Lather it onto the base of your shaft and all over your scrotum.
  3. Start shaving.  Begin at your shaft. Hold your penis in one hand and your razor in the other (preferably the dominant hand). Stroke the razor downward from the head of your penis instead of upward.  When you have finished with the shaft of the penis, move on to shave the upper public area to match your soon-to-be-hairless scrotum.  On the upper public area, shave in the same direction the hair grows. This is prevent irritation and ingrown hairs.  Continue to shave, stroking downward into the hairline around your testes.  Shave downward around the scrotum and on the legs (inner thighs) as well.  When you get to your scrotum, try to hold the skin taut so that blade can shave smoothly over the scrotum.  Hold tight the whole time, making short, brief downward strokes with the razor. Continue until you remove all scrotum hair.
  4. Rinse and dry. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a towel.  You may want to moisturize your public area because shaving can cause irritation and dryness.  Because you're now hairless, you may experience chafing.  A light dusting of baby powder or cornstarch will take care of this problem.
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