How To Remove A Seiko Watch Stem

Need to know how to remove a Seiko watch stem? The most common method Seiko uses to attach the stem, or crown, to their watch movements is by way of a detent on a lever. This detent must be released by pressure to release the stem from the movement. This is the method which will be discussed here.

Tools which may be needed to remove the stem from a Seiko watch:

  • Watch holder
  • Soft cloth
  • Case back wrench
  • Case knife
  • Screw drivers
  • Spring bar tool
  • Pointy tweezers

The process to remove the stem from a Seiko watch will go as follows:

  1. Inspect watch to determine case back removal.  Inspect the watch to determine the method to remove the case back. If there are a series of small slots along the case back it is screwed in place and you will use the case back wrench to remove the back. If there is a slot along the junction of the case back and case it is press fit in place and you will need the case knife to remove the case back. If there are a series of small screws you will need to use a screw driver which perfectly fits the screw heads.
  2. Set watch in holder.  Position the watch on the watch holder, or if you do not have one place it on a clean cloth to protect the crystal.
  3. Remove bracelet if needed.   If the watch has a bracelet as opposed to a strap it may need to be removed to give you room to work. If so use the appropriate tool, spring bar tool or screw driver and remove the bracelet. Work carefully so as not to scratch the case or bracelet.
  4. Remove case back.  Use the appropriate tool determined earlier and remove the case back from the case of the watch. Take care not to damage any case back gasket. If you do, or find that it is damaged, replace the case back gasket before putting the case back on. This will help the watch retain its water resistance.
  5. Unscrew stem.  If the watch is a divers type watch with a screw down stem/crown it will need to be unscrewed. Turn the stem counter clockwise until it pops free.
  6. Pull out stem.  In some watches the stem needs to be in the time setting mode, or pulled out one or two clicks, in order to trigger the stem release. If you try to remove the stem without using this step, and it will not push down and release, return to this step and perform it before moving on.
  7. Find stem release. There should be a dimple on the side of the lever which olds the stem in place. If you cannot see it, wriggle the stem gently and you will see it move.
  8. Release stem. Use the pointy end of the tweezers and press the dimple on the release lever.
  9. Remove stem. While pressing on the dimple gently pull the stem out of the watch.

That is how you remove the stem from your Seiko watch. It is not a hard task, but must be performed carefully in order to not damage the stem or mechanism. When putting it back together, do not forget to check the case back gasket and replace it if needed.

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