How To Remove SIM Card From Blackberry Curve

It is not hard to learn how to remove SIM card from Blackberry Curve. A SIM card is basically a memory card that holds data such as your personal information, phone numbers, the phone book, text messages, etc. It is nice because you can easily remove SIM cards from one phone and put it into another, and your information goes with you. No more lost phone numbers or contacts. It seems like it is difficult to remove SIM cards from BlackBerry Curves when you try to do it for the first time, but it is actually easy. This article will show you how to remove SIM cards, and you will see how easy it is.

  1. Slide the back off of the BlackBerry Curve. Remove the battery and the SIM card is located behind it.
  2. Find the SIM card door. The SIM card will be underneath this door. Take your fingers or thumb and slide the door forward away from you. You will hear a click. You should now be able to lift the door open. You can now remove SIM cards and insert a new one.
  3. Now shut the door. To shut the door slide it down towards you until you hear a click. When you hear the click the door is locked.  You may have to try this a few times before you get it. There are small grooves in the door and you can just take your fingernail and slide it up and down. It may take a few times, but once you get it, you will see how easy it is.
  4. Put the battery back into your BlackBerry Curve. Slide the phone cover back on and turn on your phone.

Now that you know how to remove SIM cards from your phone, you are ready to change data out whenever you need to.

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