How To Remove SIM Card From iPhone

if you are like most people, you didn't really bother reading the devices manual and now you want to know how to remove a SIM card from an iPhone. As with any smartphone or cell phone, locating the SIM card in an iPhone is sometimes a difficult task. When it comes to the iPhone, locating the SIM card is easy enough, but if the device is new, odds are you're a little lost on where Apple placed it or how to get the slot open to reveal the SIM card. In this article you will discover where the iPhone's SIM card is hiding on the phone and how to remove the SIM card from the iPhone.

Things you'll need:

  • Paperclip or bobby pin
  1. Locate the SIM card's mini trap door. For those wondering, it is the small slot at the very top of the iPhone located smack dab in the middle of the power button and the headphone jack slot. You cannot miss it.
  2. You will need a paperclip or bobby pin. You will need a small, sturdy piece of metal to insert into the small hole located on the SIM card slot. Push the hair pin or paperclip into this hole and press down until the slot opens up. You will not need to apply too much pressure. Once the metal pin is in the hole just lightly push down.
  3. Once the slot opens up, it will reveal a small tray. This small tray is where the iPhone's SIM card rests.
  4. Now that you have located the iPhone's SIM card, you can remove the SIM card from the tray. 



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