How To Remove Sliding Glass Doors

Do you want to learn how to remove sliding glass doors? Removing sliding glass doors can be a pretty daunting task. Sliding glass doors are commonly removed due to damaged or scratched glass, or trouble with the tracks. These doors are heavy and awkward to handle, so before you begin, be sure to have some help, preferably strong help. Follow these four simple steps and it should make your project easier.

To remove a sliding glass door, you will need:

  • pry bar
  • screwdriver
  • padding for the floor
  1. Protect your floor. These doors are very heavy and have sharp edges on the bottom, so it is a good idea to put something over the surface that you are working around. Place some type of padding over carpet or hardwood flooring to prevent tearing or scratching when you place the bottom of the sliding glass doors on them.
  2. Remove the screen. If your sliding glass doors have a screen, this will be the first part to remove. Use the pry bar to lift the screen door from the bottom,by placing the pry bar somewhere near the center of the screen door and prying upward until the rollers have cleared the tracks. Pull the door toward you until it has cleared the top tracks.
  3. Remove the stationary door. To remove the stationary door, use your screwdriver to remove the retaining screws from the top and sides. Once again, you may have to use the pry bar to lift the door upward until the door clears the lower track. Have someone help you lift the door outward until it clears the top tracks. This section will be very heavy, so be careful.
  4. Remove the sliding door. This is the heaviest section of the door, so be sure to handle it with care. It will be easier to manage if you slide it to the center of the track before you begin. Use the pry bar to lift the sliding glass door upward until the rollers clear the bottom track. Pull the bottom toward you until the door clears the upper track. If the door will not clear the rollers on the lower track, you may need to adjust the rollers. You can find the adjustment located at the bottom corner of the sliding glass door. Use your screwdriver to adjust the rollers until the door is free.
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