How To Remove Smoke Smell From Car

Nonsmokers will want to know how to remove smoke smell from cars. Tobacco smoke likes car interiors and will cling to the large amounts of plastic and fabric material found inside vehicles. Getting rid of a persistent smoke smell is a difficult job. You will need to repeat the cleaning process at least twice and possibly three times to remove the tobacco smoke smell.

You will need:

  • Vinegar
  • Hot water
  • Bucket
  • Toothbrush
  • Newspapers
  • Car cabin filter
  • Steam carpet cleaner
  • Carpet cleaning shampoo
  1. Mix hot water and vinegar into a bucket. Dip the toothbrush into the mixture and clean every plastic part and all metal surfaces inside the vehicle. These areas include the dashboard, glove compartment, ash tray, door panels, and armrests.
  2. The second step is to use a steam carpet cleaner on all fabric areas of the car's interior. You will achieve better results if you use a shampoo that is designed to remove odors.
  3. The third step is to replace the cabin filter. Every vehicle uses a filter to help keep the cabin area air fresh. To remove all smoke smell from the interior of the car the cabin filter must be replaced. This filter will have absorbed much of the tobacco smoke that was spawned in the cabin.
  4. The next step is to repeat steps one and two until the smoke smell is gone. This is necessary if you wish to permanently remove the smoke odor.
  5. The final step in the process is to place newspapers under the seats. You will also want to place newspapers on the floor. The ink on the newspapers will absorb any lingering smoke odors. Remove and replace the newspapers once a week for one month.

Certainly, it is not easy to get rid of tobacco smoke from a car's interior. However, if you follow the plan presented it will make your job easier. Remember, you must repeat the cleaning part of the process several times if you want to totally eliminate smoke odors. Do not under estimate the odor eating power of newspapers. They will in fact get rid of any lingering smell.

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