How To Remove Snowboard Wax

Knowing when and how to remove snowboard wax is critical. If you are repairing a scratch, you must know how much to remove or you risk seriously screwing up your ride.  Here is a foolproof technique for knowing how to remove snowboard wax.

To remove snowboard wax you will need:

  • Wax iron
  • Wax brush
  1. Heat up the iron. The wax you are using will tell you what temperature this whole affair should take place at. If you are using a clothes iron, give up now and get a wax iron. This will allow you to set the temperature controls much more carefully and it will give you even heat. Just be sure to wait for the iron to reach the desired temperature.
  2. Place the snowboard onto your workbench and and clamp it down. You'll wnat to keep things steady while you work.
  3. Rub the iron slowly and deliberately over the surface of the snowboard. You want to heat the wax as evenly and deeply as possible. Do not stay in one place for too long, as this will make it uneven.
  4. Go over the melted wax with your wax brush. Take your time, and don't be afraid to reheat the wax. Wipe off the excess wax onto a rag. But be careful not to damage the actual surface of the snowbaord. Although wax brushes are designed specifically not to do this, you can never be too careful. You don't want to ruin your snowboard do you?
  5. Unplug the ski wax iron. You don't to burn your house down either!
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