How To Remove Spa Jets

Convert a spa tub into a bath tub is by learning how to remove the spa jets. Spa tubs are built in a way that allows for people to easily make changes to them. The best thing about removing spa jets is that you can do remove them yourself. Essentially this saves you the time and money of seeking out the help of someone else. Here are a few steps that will help you to remove spa jets fast and efficiently.

To remove spa jets, you will need:
  • An adjustable wrench
  • A tub with spa jets
  1. Drain water. You should start off by making sure that your spa tub is completely empty of water. It makes more sense to try and remove the spa jets when there is no water in the tub, as opposed to when the tub is all filled up with water.
  2. Find your spa jets. Make sure that you know exactly what your spa jets look like. The last thing that want to do is remove the wrong piece of equipment from your tub.
  3. Begin removing spa jets. Place your adjustable wrench onto the spa jets, and make sure that it fits appropriately. Turn your wrench to the left, and begin removing your spa jets. Some spa jets are easier to remove than others so just keep at it until you are done.
Removing spa jets from your spa tub does not mean that you can never use them again. If you decide that you want the spa jets on feel free to replace them. Now get out there, and remove those spa jets from your tub.
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