How To Remove Speedometer Glass On A Harley Davidson

Need to learn how to remove the speedometer glass on a Harley Davidson? If your speedometer glass is fogged, dirty or has water behind it, then it may be hard to see. It is possible to remove the speedometer glass from your Harley and clean it. Follow the steps in this article to remove the speedometer glass on your Harley Davidson so that you can continue to ride safely.

To remove speedometer glass on a Harley Davidson, you will need:

  • Wrenches
  • A flathead screwdriver
  • Glass cleaner
  • An anti-fog agent
  • Soft gloves
  • A towel
  1. Remove the speedometer assembly from your Harley Davidson. Do this by disconnecting the electrical connector first, then removing the handlebar clamp screws with a wrench.
  2. Pry the outer ring off. Use a flathead screwdriver and work your way around the speedometer's faceplate. Be careful not to jab the screwdriver in too far or you can damage the speedometer.
  3. Extract the glass from the outer ring. Push the glass through the ring once you remove the ring and set it on a soft surface that will not damage it.
  4. Clean the glass using glass cleaner. Apply an anti-fog agent if you are having trouble with the speedometer glass on your Harley Davidson fogging up.
  5. Replace the glass in the outer ring. Handle the glass with soft gloves or a towel to ensure that you do not leave fingerprints on the glass.
  6. Replace the outer ring on the speedometer. Press down firmly all the way around until the rubber seal connects completely with the speedometer. Note that water will seep in if you do not seal the speedometer correctly.
  7. Reinstall the speedometer assembly on your Harley Davidson. Do this by following the removal procedure in reverse.

Try to work on your speedometer glass when it is dry and arid. When it is humid, water vapor seals in behind the glass and will cause condensation to form.

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