How To Remove Starter On 1993 Lexus Es300

Need to know how to remove a starter on a 1993 Lexus ES300? A 1993 Lexus ES300 would have used its starter motor hundreds of times, and therefore the starter will wear out eventually. If you need to change the starter on your Lexus, make sure you have checked that it is in fact the motor itself which is to blame for your starting problems. Here is a guide to help you replace your starter motor on your Lexus ES300.

To remove the starter on a 1993 Lexus ES300, you will need:

  • A floor jack
  • Axle stands
  • Wrenches or a socket wrench and set
  • A new starter
  • A tire iron
  1. Park your Lexus away from traffic and on a flat surface. Apply the parking brake and loosen the lug nuts by half a turn on the passenger side wheel. Open the hood and, using a 13mm wrench, remove the negative battery cable to prevent electric shocks. Raise the car using the jack and fit the axle stands in line with each other.
  2. Continue to loosen and remove the lug nuts, then the road wheel. If you cannot see the starter straight away, follow the negative battery cable down into the engine bay. This eventually meets up with the starter motor.
  3. Undo the small bolts holding the electrical connections to the starter. Label which wires go to which part of the starter motor. The starter is held on by three bolts. Remove these using a socket wrench and an extension bar.
  4. The starter motor is fairly heavy. When you are removing the last bolt, take the weight with your hand and then slide it out of the engine/transmission bell-housing.
  5. Slide the new starter into the aperture. Apply a little motor oil to the bolts before fitting them all in loosely. Tighten the bolts up, starting with the one which is most difficult to access. Refit the electrical connections.
  6. Refit the road wheel and tighten up the lug nuts. Lower the vehicle using the jack and then tighten the lug nuts up to the correct torque. Refit the negative battery cable and start the car to check the condition of the new starter.
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