How To Remove The Stem From A Citizen Watch

Do you want to learn how to remove the stem from a Citizen watch? There are several ways in which Citizen can use to attach the stem to the movement. It can vary depending upon model and the movement the watch uses. The stem can be held in place by a screw or a lever activated detent system. Both systems will be discussed here.

Tools which may be needed to remove the stem from a Citizen watch:

  • Watch holder
  • Case wrench
  • Screw drivers
  • Case knife
  • Pointed end tweezers
  • Spring bar tool

 The process of removing the stem from a Citizen watch will go something like this:

  1. Prepare watch. Place the watch in a watch holder, or lay it on a soft cloth. If the watch has a bracelet, use the spring bar tool to remove bracelet if it does not let you work to remove the case back.
  2. Remove case back. Use the correct tools and remove the case back from the watch. If there is a series of small slots along the case back, use the case wrench. If there is one slot along the edge of the case back and case, use the case knife in a manner similar to opening an oyster to pop off the case back. If there are a series of small screws holding it in, place use the screw driver which fits correctly. If there is a case back gasket, take care not to damage it or it will need to be replaced in order to retain water resistance.
  3. Unscrew crown. If the watch has a screwed down crown, turn the crown counter clockwise until it pops free.
  4. Pull out stem. Some watches require that the crown be in the time setting mode so go ahead and do this now.
  5. Determine method of stem release. Some watches use a screw to hold the stem in place. If there is a screw, you will need the screw driver. If there is no screw, look for a small lever which activates the stem detent. There should be a small dimple on the lever where you press it. If you cannot see the lever, wriggle the crown a bit and you will see it move.
  6. Remove stem. Use the screw driver to loosen the screw if it exists, and then pull the stem out. In most cases, it is not necessary to remove the screw completely. If there is a lever, use the pointy end of the pointy tweezers to push it in, and pull the stem out while holding it depressed.

There, you have removed the stem from your fine Citizen watch. It is not an overly hard task, but take care not to damage any fragile parts or gaskets. Remember to replace the case back gasket if it was damaged during disassembly. Good luck.

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