How To Remove The Stock Stereo On A Scion Tc

Knowing how to remove the stock stereo on a Scion TC  is necessary if you want to upgrade the sound system by installing an aftermarket stereo. Although the Scion TC comes standard with a CD player, it may not be as high-quality of a unit as one available through an aftermarket supplier. You might also want to remove the stock stereo to access the rear ports, which is necessary to install an mp3 device integration kit or a satellite radio receiver.

To remove the Scion TC's stock stereo, you'll need:

  • Pliers
  • Socket wrench
  1. Locate your tools and prepare for radio removal in your Scion TC. You'll need to detach the negative battery cable from the battery, otherwise you put yourself at risk for electric shock. Use pliers to detach the cable.
  2. Remove the shift-gate bezel of your Scion TC. Grab either side of the bezel around the shift gate. Pull up firmly to unclip the bezel from the shift gate. It's not necessary to remove the bezel; you only need to pull it back enough to access the radio bezel above it.
  3. Remove the radio bezel in your Scion TC. Grab either side of the radio bezel. This bezel includes the radio-compartment door and the air-conditioning knobs. Pull the bezel firmly to detach it from the dash.
  4. Remove the stock stereo of your Scion TC. Take out the four 10mm bolts. There is one bolt in each corner of the stock stereo. Pull the radio forward and unplug the antenna and adapter from the back.

Tip: If you have trouble getting a good grip on the bezels, wear a thick pair of gloves. This may make removing the bezels easier.

Reference: Stereo Removal

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